Saturday, February 25, 2012

Going viral: Lively on GitHub

The Lively Kernel is now on GitHub. Lauritz, Robert and I spent the past few weeks cleaning up modules, tests etc. This is an important move towards portability and it will make it easier for everyone to have their own local installation, try stuff and contribute.
In the wiki, we also explain what has been done so far and what you can expect to be done in the future.
We announced the git repo just a few days ago. Based on the reactions we got until now, it looks like we are picking up some serious momentum. Which is a great sign, given that Lauritz and I are entering the last of our internship. (And it causes a weird mixture of sadness and excitement, at least for me.)

Anyway, go ahead and clone us:

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  1. unfortunately, i can't write about that kernel-stuff and all, you know. but ”to keep you postet” i'd like to write down some lines. don't worry, it's not about personal identity, it's metaphysics and crisis or about aesthetics.

    instead? hm. what about baby-seals? they are - of course! - not as cool as those cute cat-babies, but here in Kiel IFM/Geomar got a public basin for their seals. and they are awwwwww(some)! - even the adult-seals.

    no, that's not what i wanted to tell you. actually there is nothing i wanted to tell you. hm. just tryin' not to read more about that creepy metaphysics-stuff.