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Remote VisualVM

In my current project at work, I need to do some profiling on a Java app that runs on a server. Hooking it up to my local VisualVM (awesome tool, btw) was not immediately obvious to me, so here's the steps:

Prepare application on remote server

jstatd needs some security settings explained in [1]. Open vim, enter
grant codebase "file:${java.home}/../lib/tools.jar" {
and save as jstatd.all.policy.

Now start jstatd in the same directory, let in run in the background:
jstatd &

Next, start the app (assuming $MY_APP is the main class) as described in [2]:
java \ \$JMX_PORT \ \ \
 -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=$EXTERNAL_IP \
$JMX_PORT can be any available TCP port. $EXTERNAL_IP is the server's external IP address.

Make sure that the server's firewall allows incoming connections on both TCP 1099 (jstatd) and the port you chose as $JMX_PORT.

Connect VisualVM

Start VisualVM, double click on remote. Enter the server's external IP address:

Right-click on the new connection and add a JMX connection:
Enter $EXTERNAL_IP:$JMX_PORT from above, in my case
This should add a connection to the running app:
Double-click on it, start profiling, enjoy.


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